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Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Shepherdstown, West Virginia is the jewel of the Eastern Panhandle. Host of the Shepherd University Rams, this eccentric college town is a huge draw for people from all over. One visit to this small town and you will realize why.

Shepherdstown was first established in 1734 and chartered in 1762 giving it plenty of historical charm. Quite a popular destination then, the town grew to over 1000 residents in the 18th century. The original steamboat was first traveled in the Potomac River in 1787 in Shepherdstown by a resident of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Subsequently the James Rumsey Monument and Park was established in downtown Shepherdstown along with three other community parks to enjoy. Drawn by the natural flowing waters of the area, Shepherdstown is still a premium residential market but has managed to keep the population of a small town, claiming 1,734 full-time residents in the most recent census.

Shepherdstown has become a tourist destination of sorts with boutique shops and some of the area's best restaurants. Top destinations are the Press Room for fine cuisine, Kazu for Thai food and sushi, and Maria's Taqueria for quick authentic Mexican. If you are looking for a morning snack and coffee then Betty's Restaurant, the Shepherdstown Bakery, or Lost Dog Cafe are your best bets. More interested in a home cooked meal then the Shepherdstown Farmer's Market is the perfect opportunity to grab fresh produce from the area's farmers.

Shepherdstown wouldn't be a comfortable tourist destination without the renown Bavarian Inn. The German-inspired Bavarian Inn hotel is one of a kind with unique features such as gas fireplaces and beautiful balcony views over the Potomac River. The restaurant also boasts some of the best cuisine around with their Sunday Brunch Buffet leading the way. Right down the hill you will find the Shepherd University Campus and Rams Stadium where the college football team plays.

So much of Shepherdstown is within a short distance and can be traversed without the need for a car. This is a great benefit to those residing in the city, and a reason that the town boasts a great night life. Don't be in search of a rage party though, as most of the bars and pubs are more mellow than your typical club with live musical performances frequenting many of the hotspots. The Mecklenburg Inn is one of the dives frequented most by locals and hosts musical performances on a weekly basis. Also check out the Shepherdstown Brewing Company for a one-of-a-kind experience made right in town with local sources.

If the bar is not your scene then enjoy a movie at the Shepherdstown Opera House. One of the oldest theaters in America, showing silent films as early as 1909, now hosts modern movies on a regular schedule. Be sure to bring a comfortable pillow to sit on as the wooden seats are historically accurate and tough on the backside.

If you are in search of unique events then be sure not to miss the annual Contemporary American Theater Festival held at Shepherd University and the City of Shepherdstown.. Every July the Festival hosts a four week extravaganza of original theatrical performances. There is also Christmas in Shepherdstown which features a parade, BooFest for Halloween trick-or-treat, DogFest for our four-legged friends, and regular arts and crafts fairs to accommodate this artistic community.

The real estate market in Shepherdstown is typically tighter than most of the surrounding areas. Because of the university campus the rental market in downtown Shepherdstown is very fluid with high turnover but limited supply. investment opportunities in Shepherdstown are frequent as much of the housing is established construction which can often use a renovation. With the rental market being in high demand, it is easy to find a lessee, but lessors should expect frequent turnover. Downtown Shepherdstown and the immediate area surrounding the town generally draw a premium price tag in comparison to other property found in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Consumers will often find that Shepherdstown, and West Virginia in general, will have lower asking prices than properties in Virginia and Maryland. West Virginia also has fewer residential taxes than the surrounding states and cities

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