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Hedgesville, West Virginia

The small town of Hedgesville, West Virginia is located in an area formally known as Skinner's Gap. The incorporated downtown area of Hedgesville is quite small, 84 acres and a population less than 500, but outlying areas of Hedgesville stretch into many rural and mountainous regions of Berkeley County making Hedgesville a common area for those searching for a more adventurous lifestyle.

Seated in a gap of North Mountain, the town of Hedgesville was used as a trading post for settlers heading west in search of new opportunity. Long before settlers reached these hills, the natural springs of the region drew in Native Americans who would meet with other tribes. The Battle of North Mountain during the Civil War lead to the capture of approximately 1,500 Union Soldiers. The small village was known to have numerous other skirmishes which lend to its rich history. The town later grew into a tourist destination for families in the Metropolitan D.C area in the early twentieth century with a prominent hotel at Mount Clifton.

Today you will find that the area is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and boating. The nearby Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area features many of these activities and is a frequent destination for families looking to enjoy nature. The camp stretches out through forty-four acres of land set alongside the Potomac River.

Hedgesville is one of few towns that does have a formal Downtown street with several small businesses and a public library. The Downtown area provides the small-town feel that makes Hedgesville unique from the rest of the county. Paired with the scenic mountains and natural features, it is no surprise that city dwellers still search for the town which lies only an hour from major metropolitan areas of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. People come in search of seasonal homes, vacation homes, and second homes in order to escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Hedgesville is not known for its entertainment and dining options, but one of my favorites is Philly Cheese Steak Plus. It is a nice local restaurant with a diverse menu and a comfortable dining area. Similarly is King's Pizza which has grown from a local restaurant to a chain covering every major town in Jefferson County and Berkeley County. King's Pizza has a similar menu - mostly Italian inspired - and is a favorite among the locals.

The real estate market in Hedgesville is a pretty balanced market. Hedgesville features many undeveloped areas primed for residential growth. Multi-acre lots are common and are a leading draw for its residents. Buyers find value in the land and still have access to the conveniences offered in Martinsburg and other areas of Berkeley County, Morgan County, and Jefferson County. Prices are generally comparable to Martinsburg but will often feature larger acreage for similar construction. Again, this is one of the leading reasons that people seek out Hedgesville when house shopping. Don't let me mislead you though; some of the most valuable properties in Berkeley County have Hedgesville addresses - large unrestricted properties.

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